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Kaupmehe Raamatupidajad – Kui hindad täpsust

If you value precision

Our clients are companies that have deemed it expedient to externally purchase necessary support services such as accountancy and financial consultations.

About us

Accountancy is needed by all organisations and the accountant’s contribution to the work process is unavoidable.

The principal activity of OÜ Kaupmehe Raamatupidajad is accountancy services. Our specialists with over a decade of experience will competently solve your accounting issues and provide consultation about keeping accounts and financial accounting.

Our clients are companies that have deemed it expedient to externally purchase necessary support services such as accountancy and financial consultations.

We have 12 specialists working every day, coordinated by members of the management board and partners Mati Sokk and Andres Männiko.

Our accounting company was founded in 1997 and its name is connected with the first location, on Kaupmehe Street in Tallinn.

OÜ Kaupmehe Raamatupidajad is a member of the Association of Estonian Accounting Companies.

Our services

Our membership in the Association of Estonian Accounting Companies guarantees the high quality of our services.


  • Accountancy is our principal activity and it includes financial accounting, calculation of wages if necessary, fixed assets record-keeping and stock record-keeping.
  • Among our services are also included financial management and chief accountant’s work.


  • Accountancy setup for a starting organisation.
  • Compilation of annual reports.
  • Cooperation with the trustee in bankruptcy proceedings for performance of the necessary accounting actions.
  • Accountancy in organisations where no record-keeping has been done for some time.
  • Accountancy restoration based on existing data.
  • Creation for new owners of an overview based on the events at the organisation in the previous period.
  • Processing of large document volumes after the fact.
  • Representation before the Tax Board.


  • The list of OÜ Kaupmehe Raamatupidajad services would not be complete without taxation and accountancy consultation.


“Konesko is an industrial enterprise that was founded in 1992. Our principal activities are the production of electrical motors and metal processing. One of our owners is KCI Konecranes Oy, the leading global crane maker. We have been cooperating with Kaupmehe Raamatupidajad since 2006 and the proper financial management coupled with accountancy services have certainly been one of Konesko’s profitability pillars.”

Mart Hirtentreu, Chairman of the Management Board of AS Konesko

“In Nomine is a public relations company founded in 2001. We are of the opinion that we as a small company must externally purchase all support services so we can focus on rendering the primary service. Kaupmehe Raamatupidajad has competently taken care of In Nomine’s accounting and reporting needs from the beginning of our company’s existence.”

Heikki Sal-Saller, Member of the Board of OÜ In Nomine

“We have been a client of Kaupmehe Raamatupidajad for more than ten years. There are no boring accountants employed at the company, they are, above all, strong professionals and pleasant people, who can be relied on. We are not being provided a remote ‘debit-and-credit service’, in them, we have substantial cooperation partners, who give us practical advice. Meanwhile, the debit and credit are, of course, always accurate and correct.”

Andreas Laane, Chairman of the Board of Alexela Group

“We have been a client of the consulting company Kaupmehe Raamatupidajad since 1997 and are using the full accounting service. As our companies have made investments in several subsidiaries, our accounting also involves various stages of consolidation and Kaupmehe Raamatupidajad are also providing services to several of our subsidiaries and affiliated undertakings. I would warmly recommend them to anyone, but on one condition: providing services to others should not lower the quality of the services provided to us!”

Heiti Hääl, Member of the Management Board of Alexela Varahalduse AS and Member of the Supervisory Board of Alexela Group OÜ

Our prices

We will determine our work volume in accordance with the volume of the organisation’s economic activities. The predominant majority of our clients are long-term loyal customers who use our services for a monthly fee.

We perform work for starting companies for an hourly fee of 40-60 EUR + VAT.

Individual job consultation hourly fees are also in the range of 40-60 EUR + VAT.

Our clients who pay us a monthly fee enjoy the consultation service free of charge subject to the agreed volume limits.


40-60 € per hour/

for a new company


*  + VAT


in agreement /

for a long term client


Our clients who pay us a monthly fee enjoy the consultation service free of charge subject to the agreed volume limits.

* +VAT


40-60 € per hour/

for a short-term client





Rotermanni 2,
10111 Tallinn

Tel +372 6774 077
Fax +372 6740 664

OÜ Kaupmehe Raamatupidajad


Mati Sokk, Member of Management Board
Tel +372 50 21456
e-mail: mati@kaupmeherp.ee

Andres Männiko, Member of Management Board
Tel +372 50 31815
e-mail: andres@kaupmeherp.ee

An organisation that is already operating and wishes to use our services should quote the estimated monthly volume of their accounting documentation for us to be able to determine the volume of our work.

For the same purpose the starting organisation should provide the document volume forecast or we will offer our service based on the market price.

Write us for details!